8 Arrested in Attack on Police Raid Team in Fazilka, 22 Individuals Booked

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Further investigation in the matter is ongoing


FAZILKA: A Troubling incident involving an attack on a police party during a raid in Fazilka has recently come to light, resulting in the vandalization of police vehicles. Disturbing video footage of the incident has surfaced, depicting a police officer drawing his pistol in self-defense. Fortunately, no injuries were reported during the confrontation.

As per the available information, the police conducted a raid at a residence in connection with a reported altercation. The incident unfolded in Lakhe village, situated in Mandi Ladhuka.

In response to the attack on the police party, law enforcement has taken swift action. A case has been registered against 22 individuals, including 10 unidentified persons, and eight arrests have already been made. Those taken into custody consist of four men and four women. Ongoing efforts are underway to apprehend the remaining suspects. The police have formally registered a case and launched a thorough investigation into the matter.

According to police statements, the police team ventured into Lakhe K Uttar village in pursuit of a person referred to as "Tiger," who was allegedly connected to a ongoing investigation. During the operation, the suspects gathered in large numbers and encircled both the police personnel and their vehicles. The situation escalated as they launched an attack on the police party, resulting in the disruption of law enforcement duties and extensive damage to police vehicles. Further investigation in the matter is ongoing.