Young Man Beaten to Death with Baseballs in Faridkot Following Altercation Over Bench Seating

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Fatal Clash Erupts Over Seating Dispute, Culminating in Tragic Death of ASI's Son


FARIDKOT: A Dispute over sitting arrangements on a bench in Faridkot's Dream Land Colony took a horrifying turn, resulting in the tragic demise of a 28-year-old youth. The victim, identified as Tejinder Singh, was mercilessly beaten by members of another party involved in the argument. The incident unfolded during the night, sending shockwaves through the locality.

The altercation transpired when two parties engaged in a heated argument over the seating on a bench located in front of a house. The situation escalated rapidly, culminating in a brutal assault on Tejinder Singh by individuals from the opposing party. The assailants employed sticks and baseballs during the attack, causing severe injuries to the young man.  Tejinder Singh, left critically injured from the assault, was rushed to the hospital for urgent medical attention. Tragically, the medical team could not save him, and he was declared dead. In the same altercation, several individuals suffered injuries due to the assault by the accused, albeit their condition is now stable and out of immediate danger.

Baldev Singh, the grieving father of Tejinder Singh and an Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) working at Bathinda Refinery, is demanding swift justice for his son's brutal killing. He urged the authorities to expedite the arrest of the culprits responsible for this heinous act and sought severe punishment for them.

DSP Ashwant Singh confirmed the incident, stating that upon receiving the report, the police promptly arrived at the scene, taking custody of Tejinder Singh's body and initiating a thorough investigation. A case of murder has been registered based on the complaint lodged by Baldev Singh, seeking justice for his son. The police are currently making concerted efforts to apprehend the accused and ensure that they face the consequences of their actions.