Gym Trainer Survives Bullet Attack in Ludhiana, Police Probe Underway

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In a Disturbing Incident at Ludhiana's Shimlapuri, Gym Trainer Kuldeep Singh Kohli Falls Victim to Gunfire

Gym Trainer Ludhiana News

Gym Trainer Ludhiana News: A Shocking incident unfolded in Ludhiana's Shimlapuri area as bullets pierced the night, targeting a gym trainer identified as Kuldeep Singh Kohli. The assailants, riding on bikes, confronted Kohli and his friend near the Lohara bridge, firing multiple shots that left him injured.

Kuldeep Singh Kohli, a resident of Mandeep Nagar, narrated the harrowing encounter, stating that he was returning home in his car with a friend around 10 pm on Tuesday night, shortly after closing his gym located near Gill Canal. The assailants, two youths on bikes, ambushed them near Lohara bridge, initiating the sudden attack.

As Kohli stepped out to inquire about the motive behind the assault, the attackers opened fire, forcing him to take cover inside the car. Despite his efforts to shield himself, one bullet found its mark, striking him in the leg. The attackers, swiftly fleeing the scene, left Kohli injured and bleeding.

The victim recounted the intensity of the attack, revealing that approximately 5 to 6 bullets were discharged during the incident. Initially, unaware of the gunshot, Kohli discovered the severity of his injuries only after the attackers made a hasty escape. His friend promptly rushed him to the hospital, where doctors notified the Shimlapuri police about the incident.

Kuldeep Singh Kohli, still recovering from the trauma, speculated that the attack stemmed from an old grudge, though he remains unfamiliar with the assailants. The Shimlapuri police have initiated an investigation into the matter, aiming to apprehend the culprits responsible for the brazen act of violence.

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