Tragic Fire at Amritsar Medicine Factory Claims Lives of Four, Several Others Missing

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

News, Punjab

Factory blaze erupts in Majitha, Amritsar; Short circuit suspected as the cause

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AMRITSAR: In a devastating incident, a fire engulfed a pharmaceutical factory situated near Nag Kalan of Majitha in Amritsar, resulting in the tragic loss of four lives. The outbreak is believed to have been triggered by a short circuit. The factory, known for its quality pharmaceutical products, had numerous employees present at the time of the incident. Tragically, six to seven individuals are still unaccounted for.

Firefighters from the region valiantly fought the inferno for a staggering seven-hour duration, employing a fleet of 35 fire brigade vehicles to gain control over the situation by 10 pm. The factory housed approximately 500 drums of oil, intensifying the blaze and making it difficult to contain. The aggressive flames swiftly spread, causing thick smoke to permeate the surrounding area.

The deceased victims, identified as Sukhjit (27), Gurbhaj (25) from Verka, Kulwinder Singh (17), and Rani (22), are yet to be formally identified. At the time of the incident, the victims were working inside the factory. Concerned about their loved ones' prolonged absence, family members rushed to the factory, hoping to find them safe. Unfortunately, the bodies of the four individuals were recovered at 11 o'clock, adding to the profound sorrow and distress gripping the community. Notably, The local authorities are conducting investigations to ascertain the exact cause of the fire and are extending support to the affected families.