Safety Concerns Arise as 68 Dilapidated School Rooms Identified in Punjab

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Identification of unsafe structures underscores the urgency of addressing potential hazards within school premises

Dilapidated School Rooms in Punjab

MOHALI: A Tragic Incident in Ludhiana, where a teacher lost her life due to a roof collapse during a government school renovation, has prompted swift action by the education department. The authorities have ordered a comprehensive inspection of school buildings throughout Punjab to identify and rectify any safety hazards.

A report assessing the condition of schools and the safety of rooms in the state has unveiled alarming findings. Across six districts, a total of 68 rooms were found to be in a dilapidated and potentially dangerous state. This discovery has raised significant concerns about the safety of students and staff.

In response to these findings, 111 government schools in Ludhiana have requested safety assessments. Consequently, the school education department has issued directives to all schools, urging them to conduct thorough safety audits of their classrooms, verandas, and surrounding walls.

To Ensure the safety of school infrastructure, the department has instructed government schools at the district level to collaborate with the Buildings and Roads (B&R) department (PWD) for a comprehensive building audit. The orders stipulate that any rooms, verandas, or enclosures deemed unsafe by the B&R department should be promptly reported to the District Education Officer.

The Breakdown of Dilapidated Rooms in Each District is as Follows:

Fatehgarh Sahib: 5 Rooms
Ferozepur: 32 Rooms
Sri Muktsar Sahib: 17 Rooms
Patiala: 6 Rooms
Bathinda: 5 Rooms
Moga: 3 Rooms