Five Arrested for Attempted Fraud in Land Registration Worth Crores in Zirakpur

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Tehsildar Exposes Attempted Fake Land Registration, Perpetrators Handed Over to Police


CHANDIGARH: In a significant development, authorities in Zirakpur apprehended five individuals attempting to engage in fraudulent land registration worth crores of rupees within the jurisdiction of Nabha Sahib village, under the Zirakpur sub-tehsil. The group comprised three men and two women, intercepted and detained by the Tehsildar on a suspicion of fraudulent registry. The vigilant move prevented a potential fraudulent land transaction that could have led to substantial financial losses.

The incident unfolded when the Naib Tehsildar, suspecting the authenticity of the registration, demanded land ownership documentation from the purported seller. However, the seller failed to produce the requisite documents, raising further doubts. Promptly, the Tehsildar alerted the authorities, and the individuals were apprehended and subsequently handed over to the Zirakpur police for further investigation.

The Tehsildar reported the incident to the Deputy Commissioner of Mohali, SDM Derabsi, and the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in Zirakpur, urging stringent action against those involved in orchestrating fake land registrations. Tehsildar Kuldeep Singh emphasized that the landowners had filed a formal complaint, expressing their concern that certain individuals were attempting to forge land registration in Nabha Sahib. Notably, the landowners were neither intending to sell their land nor had authorized any such transactions.

Tehsildar Kuldeep Singh revealed that on the fateful Wednesday, around 4:00 in the evening, Munish Kumar Taneja, a resident of Rohini Delhi, along with Gunjan Sharma, a woman residing in Vikas Nagar Aligarh U.P., and Anju Ahuja, a woman from Delhi, presented documents purportedly from Cleric Tech Ltd. The supposed buyers were Nachhatar Singh from Fazilka and Ganesh Kumar from Delhi. However, upon thorough investigation, all the presented documents were identified as counterfeit.