Punjab Governor Visits KMV College in Jalandhar, Encourages Honesty & Values in Address to Students

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Governor Purohit Reminisced about his Own School and College Days

Governor Banwari Lal Purohit

JALANDHAR: Punjab Governor Banwari Lal Purohit paid a visit to KMV College in Jalandhar, where he engaged with students and delivered a heartfelt message. Addressing both students and teachers, Governor Purohit reminisced about his own school and college days, emphasizing the importance of attentive listening to teachers, which greatly facilitated their understanding of subjects.

In the present era, Governor Purohit noted the proliferation of digital tools that students have at their disposal, allowing them to seek answers beyond the classroom. However, he underscored the enduring significance of the Guru-Shishya (teacher-student) tradition, emphasizing that without a guiding mentor, true understanding remains elusive.

Reflecting on the changing aspirations of today's youth, Governor Purohit observed a shift away from the traditional pursuit of government jobs. Instead, he noted that young people are increasingly venturing into entrepreneurship or securing lucrative positions in prominent companies following completion of specialized courses.

Governor Purohit also imparted wisdom about the invaluable treasure of good health, urging students to prioritize their well-being alongside their education. He recognized the youth's aspiration for a corruption-free nation, emphasizing their pivotal role in setting exemplary standards. Encouraging patience, gratitude, and a strong work ethic, he expressed the belief that these qualities would usher in positive societal changes.

Furthermore, Governor Purohit emphasized the profound significance of the youth in shaping the nation's future. He conveyed his hopes and expectations for the young generation, who bear the collective dreams of the nation.

As part of this visit, Governor Purohit commended the college administration and honored students who had excelled in their respective fields. In return, the college management bestowed an honor upon Governor Banwari Lal Purohit for his esteemed presence and insightful guidance.