Peroshah Sarpanch Harjinder Kaur Changes the Face of Village with her Far-Sighted Thinking

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Received an Award from the President for providing excellent sanitation facilities in the village

Harjinder Kaur, Sarpanch of Peroshah Village

GURDASPUR: Harjinder Kaur, Sarpanch of Peroshah village in Gurdaspur district, has become an example for others by making exemplary development of her village. Taking in view the development works, the village Peroshah was honored with the national award 'Swachh Sujal Shakti Samman-2023' by the President and the Water-Power Minister. This award has been given to the Sarpanch of the village Harjinder Kaur for providing excellent sanitation facilities in the village.

Talking on this occasion, Sarpanch Harjinder Kaur said that by installing Thapar model in the village, dirty water is cleaned and provided to the farmers for agriculture. This initiative is proving to be quite helpful for the farmers. He said that fertilizer is being prepared from the waste in the village and delivered to the farmers, which is also benefiting the Panchayat.

Sarpanch Harjinder Kaur said that in order to preserve the environment, a mini forest has also been planted in the village. Apart from this, a park has also been built in the village for the elderly and children. The facilities and clean environment provides aesthetic feeling to the residents. 

Talking about the achievement of this village led by Sarpanch Harjinder Kaur, the villagers said that earlier there was a huge problem of dirty water here. By purifying the water with the help of Thapar technology, where it is being used for irrigation, the village has also been kept clean and free from dirty drains.

She said that this plant in the village has the capacity to hold 65 lakh liters of water and it was commissioned in the year 2019. About 62 lakh liters of water comes here daily from houses, which is modified by aerobic action and then used by farmers for agriculture. The villagers said that due to this initiative, water has also been saved and the farmers have also been freed from chemical fertilizers.

Giving information about the second project, she said that separate dustbins for wet and dry waste have been installed in every house of the village. Through this project under Swachh Bharat Mission, compost is prepared from waste by decomposition method. This fertilizer is also used by nurseries, schools, home gardens and farmers. This has increased the income of the panchayat along with cleanliness in the village.

More than six hundred ancient trees have been planted in the mini forest in Peroshah village which has proved to be helpful in keeping the air clean and hygienic. This forest was planted on June 10, 2020 which is now flourishing in a better way. This forest is also irrigated with the water from the plant in the village.

There are 140 houses in Peroshah village with a population of about 1,000. The panchayat said that the villagers have full support in changing the face of the village. She said, "We did all this work for ourselves and for the village. The village panchayat and the villagers expressed gratitude for the honor received by the Punjab government and the central government.

Notably, Other villages should also take guidance from the far-sighted thinking of village Peroshah and Sarpanch Harjinder Kaur, who have earned a name at the national level, and raise the level of their village.