Mohali Police & AGTF Joint Operation Leads to Arrest of Two Bambiha Gang Accomplices with Weapons

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Joint effort by Punjab Police & AGTF-Punjab results in the apprehension of Avtar Singh alias Gora & Ajay Kumar alias Preet Sharma

Mohali Police & AGTF

MOHALI: In a significant joint operation conducted by Mohali Police in collaboration with Punjab Police and the Anti-Gang Task Force (AGTF) of Punjab, two associates of the infamous Bambiha gang, Avtar Singh alias Gora and Ajay Kumar alias Preet Sharma, were successfully apprehended. The arrested individuals are believed to have close ties with the prominent gangster Gurbaksh Savewal, also known as "White."

Avtar Singh Gora, one of the detained individuals, is a prime suspect in a high-profile double murder case. Preliminary investigations by the police have revealed that both Avtar Singh and Ajay Kumar played significant roles in providing logistical support, identifying strategic locations, and supplying weapons to the gang members associated with Bambiha gang.

The Bambiha gang, known for its criminal activities, had nefarious plans to execute dangerous incidents within the state. However, the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies thwarted their intentions. During the operation, the police successfully recovered 4 pistols and 16 live cartridges from the possession of the arrested individuals, further diminishing the potential threat posed by the gang.