Quami Insaaf Morcha's Meeting with Administration Inconclusive, Stalemate Persists on YPS Chowk

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

HC had Previously Issued an Order in favor of Establishing a One-Way Route at YPS Chowk, Mohali

Quami Insaaf Morcha's Protest

MOHALI: The Quami Insaaf Morcha's persistent protest at YPS Chowk in Mohali, aimed at securing the release of the Sikh prisoners, has entered its eighth month. Despite ongoing efforts, the latest meeting between the Front's leaders and the administration failed to yield a breakthrough. During the meeting, which took place today, the parties involved could not arrive at a consensus regarding the opening of a one-way road to YPS Chowk. It is noteworthy that the High Court had previously issued an order in favor of establishing a one-way route. However, the Front's leadership remains steadfast in their refusal to comply with this directive.

The impasse over the road's status has raised concerns about potential administrative actions in response to the Front's continued resistance. While the administration has not disclosed specific measures, there is growing speculation that they may resort to drastic actions if an agreement is not reached in the near future.

Notably, As the standoff persists, the fate of the Sikh Prisoners and the resolution of the YPS Chowk issue remain uncertain, pending further developments in this ongoing saga.