Gangster Arsh Dalla Expresses Concern Over NIA Actions & Fake ID on Facebook

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No One Should Accept or Add the Suspicious ID to their Friends' List: Arsh Dalla

Arsh Dalla

CHANDIGARH: Arshdeep Dalla, commonly known as Arsh Dalla, has raised concerns about potential actions by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). He recently took to Facebook to alert his associates and friends about a suspicious fake ID operating under his name on the social media platform.

In his Facebook post, Arsh Dalla stated that he strongly suspects the creation of the fake ID is associated with the NIA. His suspicions are rooted in the recent arrests of individuals like Manpreet Manila and Mandeep Pita, who were apprehended by law enforcement agencies and subsequently brought to India. It is believed that this fake ID may have been designed to identify or monitor individuals connected to him.

In an effort to protect his associates and friends, Arsh Dalla issued a warning in his Facebook post, urging them to exercise caution. He emphasized that no one should accept or add the suspicious ID to their friends' list. A

Arsh Dalla also provided an alternative means of contact, directing his associates to reach out to him through his official Facebook account. He emphasized that he operates only one legitimate Facebook account and does not manage any other social media profiles.