Fatal Clash Erupts over Rs 50: Bihar Native Murdered in Punjab

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Drunken Altercation Takes a Deadly Turn: Murder Over 50 Rupees in Punjab Village

Punjab Police with Accused

KHANNA: In a tragic incident that highlights the dangers of alcohol-fueled altercations, a horrifying murder took place in Dhilwan village, Khanna, Samrala, Punjab. The victim, identified as Shivnath Mukhya (45) from Motihari district, Bihar, lost his life over a petty dispute involving a mere Rs 50. The suspect, Inanjit Mukhya, a resident of district Bara, Nepal, has been arrested by the police in connection with the murder.

According to DSP Waryam Singh, both Shivnath Mukhya and Inanjit were employed as laborers in the fields of Dhilwan village and shared accommodation on their motorcycles. The fateful incident occurred last night when both men decided to consume alcohol together. As the night progressed, Inanjit asked Shivnath for another round of drinks, but Shivnath refused.

This refusal sparked a heated argument, with Inanjit insisting that Shivnath owed him 50 rupees for not participating in the additional drink. The situation quickly escalated, and in a fit of rage, Inanjit grabbed a stick lying nearby and began assaulting Shivnath mercilessly.

The brutal attack proved fatal, and Shivnath Mukhya succumbed to his injuries on the spot. Shockingly, Inanjit, heavily intoxicated, collapsed on his motorcycle and remained there throughout the night.

Local authorities were alerted to the incident in the morning and swiftly apprehended Inanjit Mukhya. Meanwhile, the lifeless body of Shivnath was sent for post-mortem, and upon completion, it was handed over to his grieving family. The police continue their investigation into the matter, and Inanjit Mukhya will face charges for the heinous crime he committed.