Health Crises at Sangrur Meritorious School: Children Hospitalized After Consuming Hostel Food

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MLA Narinder Kaur Bharaj on Site as Education Minister Takes Swift Action

Sangrur School News

Sangrur School News: In a concerning incident from Sangrur, children at the Meritorious School hostel faced a health crisis after consuming the provided food. The situation led to several children being admitted to the government hospital, prompting immediate action from local authorities.

Health Deterioration After Hostel Food....

Following the consumption of hostel food, children at the Meritorious School in Sangrur reported symptoms of vomiting and stomach ache. The severity of their condition led to the admission of several children to the government hospital. MLA Narinder Kaur Bharaj swiftly responded to the incident, reaching the spot to assess the situation.

Hospital authorities revealed that 20 children were admitted last night, with an additional 35 children seeking medical attention today. Of these, 14 children have been discharged and sent home. Concerned parents rushed to the school upon learning about their children's deteriorating health.

Government's Immediate Action....

In response to the alarming situation, Education Minister Harjot Singh Bains took swift action, canceling the contract of the hostel's canteen. Simultaneously, an inquiry committee has been established, and the minister has requested a detailed report within 24 hours. Minister Harjot Singh Bains emphasized that no one responsible for the incident would be spared.

The cancellation of the canteen contract reflects the government's commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of students. The inquiry will delve into the circumstances leading to the health crisis, aiming to hold those accountable for any lapses in the food quality or safety protocols. Parents, anxious about their children's health, are closely following the developments, anticipating a thorough investigation and concrete actions to prevent such incidents in the future.

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