Gold Worth Over Rs 15 Lakh Seized in Anti-Smuggling Operation at Amritsar Airport

Rozana Spokesman

News, Punjab

Further investigation in the matter is underway

Amritsar Airport

AMRITSAR: In a Significant Breakthrough, the Amritsar Customs unit has successfully intercepted a passenger arriving from Dubai at the Sri Guru Ramdas Ji International Airport. Gold worth a staggering Rs 15,74,630 was seized as part of a meticulously planned anti-smuggling operation.

The Customs spokesperson reported that the operation unfolded on a Thursday morning when a Spice Jet flight, SG-56, touched down at the bustling airport. During routine checks, the vigilant customs officials identified a passenger who raised suspicion and promptly initiated a thorough examination.

Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that the passenger had concealed a gray capsule within their undergarments. The capsule, when weighed, registered a total of 385 grams. Subsequent processing of the capsule unveiled a substantial 265 grams of pure gold hidden within.

Notably, The immediate response was to seize the gold, and further actions are now underway to investigate the incident comprehensively. The passenger is likely to face legal consequences for attempting to smuggle such a valuable quantity of gold into the country. The value of the intercepted gold, amounting to over Rs 15 lakh.