Education Dept Grants On-Duty Leave Facility to Writer Teachers in Punjab

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

News, Punjab

Formal Orders issued to all District Education Officers

Punjab Education Department

CHANDIGARH: In recognition of their significant contributions to promoting the Punjabi language, the Education Department of Punjab has extended a special privilege to the writers employed in the department. The Secretary Education Department, Punjab, has announced the provision of one day on-duty leave per month for these dedicated educators, acknowledging their efforts in advancing literature through their writings for various magazines and newspapers.

The Education department issued formal orders to all District Education Officers, outlining the criteria for availing this new facility. Teachers working in the department who have actively contributed to the promotion of Punjabi language and literature and received accolades from esteemed organizations like Sahitya Akademi, Language Department Punjab, and Sahitya Sabhas for their exceptional literary works, are eligible for this special leave benefit.

According to the issued orders, these esteemed writers and teachers are required to present their literary works in registered means of communication media, universities, colleges, literature academies, language department of Punjab, as well as government and semi-government institutions. Upon doing so, they will be considered as on-duty for one day in the department while attending these events, presenting papers, or participating in literary activities.

To avail themselves of the on-duty leave, the teachers must duly inform their respective school principals about their participation in the aforementioned literary events or activities. This new facility aims to recognize and encourage the invaluable contributions of educators who have been instrumental in promoting Punjabi language and culture through their writing endeavors.