Survey Reveals 80% of Indians Hold Positive Opinion About PM Modi

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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Survey Portrays a Notable Public Sentiment in Favor of PM Modi

PM Modi

NEW-DELHI: A Recent Survey conducted by the Pew Research Center of America has unveiled that an overwhelming 80 percent of Indians express positive sentiments towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The survey results, released ahead of the G-20 summit, indicate that nearly 8 out of 10 Indians believe that their country's current state of affairs is notably effective. The survey report also delves into global perceptions of India, showcasing an average of 46 percent of respondents favoring the country, while 34 percent hold unfavorable opinions, and 16 percent abstained from expressing any opinion.

The Pew Research Center's findings underscore the largely affirmative public sentiment towards India's leadership under Prime Minister Modi. Israelis, in particular, have an overwhelmingly positive opinion of India, with 71 percent indicating a favorable view. Conducted from February 20 to May 22, the survey encompassed the perspectives of 30,861 adult participants from 24 countries, including India. Its scope encompassed gauging global opinions about Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as Indian perceptions of other countries.

The Survey portrays a notable public sentiment in favor of Prime Minister Modi, with eight out of every 10 Indians holding a favorable view of his leadership. Impressively, a significant majority (55 percent) hold a 'very favorable' perspective of his governance. Notably serving his second term as Prime Minister, Narendra Modi retains public confidence as he eyes the 2024 elections. The survey reveals that merely 20 percent of Indians held an unfavorable view of Modi in 2023.

The Survey report remarks, "Indian adults exhibit a greater belief in the nation's increasing power. Seven out of ten Indians are of the opinion that their country's influence has grown in recent times." This represents a substantial shift from a previous survey conducted in 2022 across 19 countries, where merely 28 percent of respondents held such a perspective.