Centre Announces Special Parliament Session: 10 Bills Expected to be Introduced, Says Reports

Rozana Spokesman

News, Nation

Five-Day Special Session to be held from 18 to 22 September

Parliament of India

NEW-DELHI: In a Significant Move, the Central Government has declared its intention to convene a five-day special session of Parliament from September 18 to 22. The decision follows a tumultuous monsoon session marked by disruptions, which hindered legislative progress in both houses. Although the specific bills to be addressed during the special session have not been disclosed, insider sources suggest that over 10 vital bills are expected to be introduced.

The Special Session of the Lok Sabha, governed by Article 352(8) of the 44th Amendment Act of the Constitution, can be convened upon receipt of a formal request from at least one-tenth of its members to either the President (if the Lok Sabha is not in session) or the Speaker (if the Lok Sabha is in session).

The Power to convene Parliament sessions is vested in the government by Article 85 of the Constitution. This prerogative is exercised through the Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs, whose decisions are subsequently formalized by the President. The annual parliamentary calendar includes three sessions, with the budget session (the first session) being the longest, commencing towards the end of January and concluding by April's end or the first week of May. This session features a recess, allowing parliamentary committees to deliberate on budgetary proposals.

The Announcement of the forthcoming special session underscores the government's commitment to address pressing legislative matters and push forward its agenda. While the particulars of the bills to be discussed during the session are awaited, the decision signals a concerted effort to ensure productive parliamentary engagement.