Controversy Erupted over BJP leader Tajinder Pal Bagga's tweet about 'Waheguru'

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Delhi Minorities Commission has considered Bagga's tweet as Controversial

Tajinder Pal Bagga

NEW-DELHI: A controversy has erupted over Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Tajinder Pal Bagga's tweet about 'Waheguru'. In the tweet, Bagga has defined that how the meaning of 'Waheguru' has been associated with Vishnu Vasudev, Harikrishna, Guru Govind and Shri Ram.

Taking to Twitter, Tajinder Pal Bagga wrote, "Khalistanis who abuse India & Hindu Devi/Devtas are abusing Sikhism too indirectly. They don't know the meaning of Waheguru. What's the meaning of Waheguru ? Wa- Vishnu Vasudev from Satyuga, He- Hari Karishna from Dwapra, Gu- Guru Govind from Kalyuga, Ru- Ram from Treta."

Taking cognizance of the tweet, the Delhi Minorities Commission has considered Bagga's tweet on March 28 as controversial and has said, "Comments on 'Waheguru' seem to be objectionable and against Sikhs/Sikh ethics."

According to the details received from the commission, the Sikh member of the commission, S. Ajitpal Singh Bindra, wrote a letter to Shiromani Committee President Advocate Harjinder Singh Dhami and the Chairman of Dharma Prachar Committee of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee, S. Jaspreet Singh Karamsar, with a copy of the controversial tweet enclosed. 

Commission have been requested to clarify the meaning of the term 'Waheguru' as per Sikh norms and have asked the Commission to send its reply within 2 days. S. Bindra has said that if the tweets (Waheguru's meaning) are against Sikhs, then necessary action will be taken against Bagga.