Tragic Demise at Delhi Metro: Man Fatally Struck While Attempting Risky Track Crossing

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Heart-Wrenching Incident Unfolds at Qutub Minar Station

Delhi Metro News

Delhi Metro News: In a harrowing incident at Delhi Metro's Qutub Minar station on November 12, a tragic fatality occurred as a commuter, identified as Bhura Singh from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, met his untimely end. The distressing event, captured on video and circulating widely on the internet, has prompted the Delhi Metro authorities to address the matter.

Metro Spokesperson Confirms Unfortunate Incident

Delhi Metro spokesperson Anuj Dayal released a statement on Wednesday, acknowledging the viral nature of the video capturing the incident. The Spokesperson expressed condolences over the loss and emphasized the importance of adhering to safety protocols within the metro premises.

On the ill-fated day, Bhura Singh, residing in Kasan village near Manesar with his son Ashwin, disembarked at platform number 1 of Qutub Minar station. In a haste to exit, he opted for a perilous shortcut, attempting to cross the tracks instead of utilizing the designated stairs or escalator to reach another platform. Tragically, this impulsive decision resulted in a collision with an oncoming train, claiming his life.

Delhi Metro Authorities Urge Commuters to Prioritize Safety

In the aftermath of this devastating incident, Delhi Metro authorities are reiterating the critical importance of following established safety measures. They urge commuters to refrain from engaging in hazardous activities, such as attempting to cross tracks, and emphasize the availability of designated pathways and facilities for a secure commute.

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