Security Measures Tighten Ahead of G-20 Summit: Delhi Bans Paragliders, Hot Air Balloons

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The Ban is effective from August 29 to September 12 in the National Capital

Hot Air Balloons

NEW-DELHI: In Anticipation of the upcoming G-20 summit, Security concerns have prompted the Delhi Police to implement a ban on various airborne activities, including 'paragliders,' 'hang-gliders,' and hot air balloons, within the national capital. The ban, effective from August 29 to September 12, aims to ensure the safety of civilians, dignitaries, and vital institutions during the high-profile event. Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora issued the directive on Tuesday, emphasizing the need for heightened security measures.

The directive highlights that credible intelligence suggests the potential use of 'paragliders,' 'paramotors,' 'hang-gliders,' unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and remotely piloted aircraft by criminals, anti-social elements, or individuals with malicious intent. Additionally, concerns have been raised about the use of planes, hot air balloons, small vehicles, and 'para-jumping,' which could pose significant threats to public safety and security, as well as the integrity of key institutions.

In light of these concerns, the city's top law enforcement official has enacted a temporary prohibition on the operation of such airborne vehicles within the national capital's jurisdiction for the duration of the G-20 summit. Violation of this ban is subject to legal action under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code, which pertains to disobedience to an official order.

"The order shall be effective starting from Tuesday and will remain in force until September 12," stated a police spokesperson. Notably, The G-20 summit, scheduled for September 9-10, is a significant diplomatic event that will bring together leaders and delegates from various nations. The heightened security measures underscore the importance of safeguarding the event's participants and the local populace.

It is worth mentioning here that to facilitate the transportation of delegates and other tourists arriving for the convention, the Delhi Police has established a digital help desk. This measure aims to enhance the overall experience of visitors and ensure their seamless movement within the city.