Drug Case: Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi Transferred to High-Security Ward in Gujarat Central Jail  

Rozana Spokesman

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Bishnoi's connection to alleged Drug Trafficking Activities with links to Pakistan Prompted this Transfer

Lawrence Bishnoi

GUJARAT: Infamous gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, a key figure in the high-profile murder case of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala, has been moved to the high-security ward of Sabarmati Central Jail in Gujarat. This transfer is a direct consequence of his alleged involvement in a significant drug case amounting to Rs 195 crore.

Having been previously incarcerated at Delhi's Tihar Jail, Bishnoi was handed over to the Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) in April of this year. His connection to alleged drug trafficking activities with links to Pakistan prompted this transfer.

The Gujarat ATS, in conjunction with the Indian Coast Guard, conducted a successful operation on September 14 of the preceding year. This operation led to the interception of a Pakistani fishing vessel named 'Al Taisa' near Jakhau port, located in the Kutch district. The outcome of this operation was the confiscation of a substantial 40 kg of heroin, with an estimated value of approximately Rs 195 crore.

Notably, As a part of this operation, six Pakistani nationals were apprehended aboard the intercepted vessel. Subsequent investigations revealed an intricate network facilitating drug trafficking from Pakistan to India. The seized heroin was intended for distribution across Delhi and Punjab, shedding light on the extent of this cross-border illegal activity.

The decision to transfer Lawrence Bishnoi to the high-security ward of Sabarmati Central Jail underscores the gravity of his alleged involvement in the drug case. The move aims to ensure heightened security and stringent monitoring of his activities in light of the charges against him.