Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue: Final Stage of Rescue as 41 Trapped Workers Near Freedom After 17 Days

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Silkyara Tunnel Clearing Nears Completion in Uttarkashi, Workers Prepped for Medical Attention; Ambulance Routes Being Restored

Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue Latest Updates

Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue Latest Updates: In a crucial development, the successful removal of debris in the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, is on the verge of completion, with only five meters remaining. The 41 workers, trapped for 17 days, are anticipated to be taken to a specially set-up hospital for immediate medical attention upon their evacuation. The ongoing rescue operation has entered its final stage, offering hope for the workers' safe extraction.

As the rescue operation in Uttarkashi progresses into its critical phase, the focus now shifts to the meticulous process of evacuating the trapped workers. A 41-bed hospital has been established at the Chinyalisaur Community Health Centre, situated 30 km from the incident site, to ensure swift medical care for the laborers once they emerge from the tunnel.

The Deteriorated road outside the tunnel, impacted by heavy vehicular traffic during the past fortnight, is undergoing repairs. A new layer of soil is being laid to facilitate the smooth movement of ambulances, ensuring prompt transportation of the rescued workers to the designated medical facility.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami provided updates on the ongoing rescue efforts, stating that a 52-meter pipe has been successfully laid through the debris in the Silkyara tunnel. The rescue team is diligently working on reaching a depth of 57 meters in the debris to achieve success in the mission.

The rescue operation requires the implementation of rat-hole mining techniques to clear the debris and safely extract the trapped workers. Previous drilling attempts encountered challenges when a large auger machine became stuck in the rubble at a depth of about 47 meters. Undeterred by setbacks, a team of skilled workers commenced manual removal of debris using the 'rat-hole' mining technique, complemented by the use of an auger machine pushing 800 mm diameter pipes through the rubble. As the final stages of the rescue operation unfold, security personnel outside the tunnel are on standby, prepared to take immediate action to ensure the safe passage of workers emerging from the evacuation route. 

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