Rahul Gandhi Viral Photo News: Congress Leader's Viral Pic Sparks Social Media Buzz, Here's Why?

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Rahul Gandhi Viral Photo News: Controversy Surrounds Rahul Gandhi's Viral Photos with Unidentified Woman

Rahul Gandhi Viral Photo News

Rahul Gandhi Viral Photo News Latest: Two pictures of Rahul Gandhi, Congress leader and Member of Parliament from Wayanad, have recently gone viral on various social media platforms. In these images, Rahul Gandhi is seen alongside a group of people, with one photo capturing him in a green T-shirt standing next to a woman. The images have raised questions on social media about the identity of the woman seen with Rahul Gandhi, particularly as they were allegedly on a foreign trip.

As these photos circulated on social media, some users began to speculate and question who the woman in the pictures was and the nature of her relationship with Rahul Gandhi. Attempts to troll Rahul Gandhi surfaced on social media platforms, prompting Congress spokesperson Supriya Sreeneth to provide a resolute response to the critics.

Supriya Sreeneth, in her response to the online queries and speculations, identified the people accompanying Rahul Gandhi in the photos. She clarified that the gentleman seen in the picture is Rahul Gandhi's childhood friend, Amitabh Dubey, and the woman is Amitabh's wife, Amulya. Sreeneth's response sought to put an end to the unfounded rumors and allegations surrounding the viral photographs.

In addition to clarifying the identities, Congress leader Shrinivas BV commented on the online trolling surrounding the viral images. He implored individuals to reflect on the human aspect of the situation, asking if the critics had mothers and sisters in their own households. The response underscores the importance of maintaining respectful and empathetic discourse in the digital sphere.

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