Notice issued to Mukhtar Ansari in Rs 127 Crore 'Benami' Assets Case

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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In the notice, info of property worth Rs 12 crore has been sought

Mukhtar Ansari

New Delhi: The Income Tax Department has issued a notice to gangster-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari under the Benami Property Act. Benami Property Unit has given this notice to Mukhtar Ansari through Banda Jail Administration. This is the first notice issued to Ansari in the case of 'benami' property worth Rs 127 crore. In the notice, information of property worth Rs 12 crore has been sought in Ghazipur. No mention has been made about the rest of the properties.

The department has said that a person named Ganesh Dutt Mishra bought a land worth Rs 12 crore from Ansari's total property in Ghazipur. This land was bought for Rs 1.29 crore at that time, but the Income Tax Department has found during the investigation that the annual income of Ganesh Dutt Mishra is very low. He cannot pay the huge amount. 

Notably, The company from which Ganesh Dutt Mishra has taken a loan to buy it has Mukhtar Ansari's family members as directors and shareholders. Thus the relation of buying and selling of this land is connected with Mukhtar.