India Canada News: S Jaishankar Says, 'We Did Not Get Much Support From Canada!'

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Jaishankar recently opened up on India's side on relations with Canada

India Canada News

India Relation with China, Canada and Maldives News: India's External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that the biggest issue for India regarding Canada is that terrorists, separatists and anti-India elements have been given space there. 

Canada has been adamant on its statement that, in a democracy, everyone has the right to express their views, but this does not mean that diplomats should be threatened, he said, adding that throwing smoke bombs and inciting violence at the embassy of a country was not freedom of expression.

Jaishankar recently opened up on India's side on relations with Canada, China and Maldives. He said, “It is necessary to punish the culprits of the attacks. Last year in Britain, our High Commission was attacked by a mob. At that time, we did not get the kind of security we had expected. However, now the situation is better.”

He further said, “India hopes that the culprits of the attacks on Indian embassies in London and San Francisco of America will be punished. We had to suspend visa service for Canadians because our diplomats were being threatened there. Despite repeated actions, we did not get much support from Canada.”

Jaishankar on India-China relation:

Talking about relations with China, the Foreign Minister said, “PM Modi had gone to Wuhan, China in 2018. After this, Jinping came to visit India in 2019. During both the visits, we tried to equalize relations with China through diplomacy, but in 2020, they violated the norms by increasing military construction and military deployment along the LAC.

Jaishankar on India-Maldives relation:

During the summit, the External Affairs Minister also discussed the issue of evacuation of 88 Indian soldiers from Maldives. Jaishankar said, “The world does not run on favors all the time. In such a situation, a way out is found through diplomacy.”