Instagram Glitch? Why does Insta want to use Bluetooth for glasses? Strange message confuses users

Rozana Spokesman

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Why the strange 'Bluetooth-Glasses' message is appearing? 

Instagram Bluetooth Glasses Message Glitch Outage Technical Glitch News

Instagram Bluetooth Glasses Message Glitch News: What are Instagram glasses? Why does Instagram want to use Bluetooth? Is Instagram facing any outage today? Is there any technical glitch in Instagram? That's what most people are asking after a notification displayed on Instagram's iOS application. 

The notification reads: "Instagram Would Like to Use Bluetooth! This allows your phone to find and connect to the glasses using a Bluetooth connection". 

Simultaneously, people were allowed to either allow it or simply not. However, this led to confusion. People wondered "What are Instagram glasses?", "Why Instagram want to use Bluetooth?", or "Is Instagram facing any outage today?"

The reason why people are confused is because they don’t have any Bluetooth glasses that they are trying to connect to. Similarly, the confused people took to Twitter/X to try and get some answers.

One user wrote: “Ew did any of y’all get that pop-up on Instagram right now about enabling Bluetooth for glasses? Am I going insane.”

“Why did I just get a notification on Instagram asking for permission to Bluetooth so I can use my glasses?????????? I wish I screenshot it because WHAT,” wrote another. 

One more user said, “Why did my Instagram ask me if I want to connect it to Bluetooth to pair to the glasses? What glasses?”

Why the strange 'Bluetooth-Glasses' message is appearing? 

As per the report of TheFocus, the message seemed to be an error related to Meta’s new smart glasses which launched at the end of 2023 in collaboration with Ray-Ban. The glasses were released by the Meta in October. These glasses were considered a new and improved version of their Ray-Ban Stories, initially announced in 2020.

With over 1.4 million users worldwide as of January 2024, Instagram often malfunctions due to a technical glitch. It seems to be the same, here in this situation.