Dalit Woman Brutally Assaulted & Humiliated in Patna; Perpetrators on the Run

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Shocking Incident Unfolds as Victim Endures Assault and Degradation Over Loan Dispute

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PATNA: In a horrifying and disgraceful act, a Dalit woman was subjected to a brutal assault, stripped naked, and had her face urinated upon by a moneylender and his accomplices in a village falling under the jurisdiction of the Khusrupur police station area in Patna district. The incident occurred after the woman had filed a police complaint against the moneylender, highlighting his unjust demand for additional money despite her having repaid the loan in full.

Authorities informed that the main accused, Pramod Singh, along with his son Anshu Singh, are currently at large, prompting a massive search operation to apprehend them. The victim, who was admitted to the hospital following the appalling ordeal, recounted the harrowing torture she endured despite repaying the loan amount along with interest.

Narrating the events, the victim explained that her husband had borrowed Rs 1500 from Pramod Singh a few months ago, which was subsequently repaid with interest. However, the moneylender persistently demanded more money, a request they vehemently opposed. The heinous incident unfolded on Saturday night in a village within the Khusrupur police station area. Allegedly, Pramod Singh threatened the victim over the phone, stating that if she did not comply with his demand for additional funds, he would strip her naked and shame her by parading her around the village. Disturbed and frightened, the victim reported the threat to the police.

Notably, A Family Member of the victim expressed that a police team visited the village on Saturday for an investigation, further enraging Pramod Singh and his associates. Subsequently, they forcibly took the victim to Pramod's house. At Pramod's residence, the victim was horrifically assaulted, stripped naked, and subjected to a brutal beating with fists and sticks. In her statement to the police, the woman recounted, "Pramod instructed his son to urinate on my face, and he shamelessly complied. After this horrifying ordeal, I somehow managed to escape and return home."

Senior Police Captain Rajeev Mishra in Patna affirmed that a thorough search operation is underway to apprehend the accused who are currently on the run. He added, "We have formed five police teams and are vigorously searching for the accused. A case has been registered, and we are actively investigating the matter."