Assam STF & Cachar District Police Make Major Drug Bust, Seize 2.5 kg Heroin & 1 Lakh Yaba Tablets

Rozana Spokesman

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Cracking Down on Drug Menace: Assam STF & Cachar Police's Vigilance Yields a Significant Seizure

Assam STF & Cachar District Police

GUWAHATI: In a significant joint operation, the Assam Special Task Force (STF) and Cachar District Police have achieved a major breakthrough in curbing drug trafficking in the region. Acting swiftly, the authorities recovered 2.5 kg of heroin and a staggering 1 lakh Yaba pills from a vehicle during a thorough search, leading to the arrest of three individuals.

The estimated value of the seized drugs is believed to be around Rs 40-45 crore, making this a substantial blow to the illegal drug trade in the area. The operation is part of the continuous efforts undertaken by law enforcement to combat drug-related crimes and protect the well-being of the community.

STF officials have confirmed that the investigation into the case is ongoing, with a focus on dismantling the network responsible for trafficking illegal substances. The arrest of the three individuals marks a significant step towards disrupting the drug supply chain and bringing those involved to justice.

This recent seizure follows a major anti-narcotics campaign launched by the Assam Police on July 17. During a regional conference presided over by Union Home Minister Amit Shah, a total of 1,486 kg of narcotics were destroyed across various districts of Assam. The seized drugs included 64 kg of heroin, 5,260 kg of ganja (cannabis), and 50,955 bottles of cough medicine.