Renowned Motivational Speaker Vivek Bindra Accused of Domestic Violence, FIR Filed Against Him

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International speaker and entrepreneur Vivek Bindra faces serious allegations of beating his wife, Yanika

Motivational Speaker Vivek Bindra Latest News

Motivational Speaker Vivek Bindra Latest News: A Case of domestic violence has been filed against Dr. Vivek Bindra, a well known motivational speaker, and businessman, by his brother-in-law Vaibhav Kwatra. The complaint, lodged at Noida Police Station in the Sector 126 area, accuses Bindra of physically assaulting his wife, Yanika, just days after their marriage on December 6, 2023.

Vaibhav Kwatra's official statement recounts the incident, claiming that on December 7, around 3 am, a heated argument erupted between Vivek Bindra and his mother, Prabha. Yanika intervened in an attempt to mediate, which allegedly led Bindra to lock her in a room and subject her to verbal abuse and physical assault. The incident resulted in severe injuries to Yanika, including hearing loss, dizziness from a head injury, and bruises covering her body.

In a distressing turn of events, it is reported that Vivek Bindra forcefully pulled Yanika's hair during the altercation. Yanika is currently undergoing medical treatment at Kailash Deepak Hospital in Karkarduma, Delhi. The violence allegedly extended to the destruction of Yanika's mobile phone by Bindra.

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Vaibhav Kwatra expressed his concern over the situation and urged law enforcement to take strict action against Vivek Bindra. He emphasized the need for justice and accountability for the alleged assault on his sister, Yanika.

The Noida Police have confirmed the registration of the FIR and assured a thorough investigation into the matter. Vivek Bindra, known for his online presence as a business guru with numerous YouTube channels, has not yet responded to the accusations.

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