Delhi Airport's Biggest Foreign Currency Seizure: Over 10 Cr Rs Confiscated, 3 Passengers Arrested

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Customs Dept Foils Massive Currency Smuggling Attempt at Terminal 3, Tajik Nationals Apprehended

Biggest Foreign Currency Seizure

In a major breakthrough, the Customs Department at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport seized the largest consignment of foreign currency to date, with notes worth over 10 crores rupees confiscated from three Tajik citizens. The remarkable seizure took place at Terminal 3 on July 21, leading to the arrest of the individuals who were attempting to fly to Istanbul.

The Apprehended suspects, identified as three Tajik nationals, were found carrying a substantial amount of foreign currency concealed within their luggage. The impressive haul included 7,20,000 US dollars and 4,66,200 Euros, making it a total equivalent of 10 crore rupees in Indian currency.

A senior official from the customs department disclosed that one of the arrested individuals is a minor, raising further concern over the involvement of underage individuals in such illegal activities. The foreign currency was ingeniously hidden inside the shoes kept within the luggage, a cunning attempt to evade detection.

The meticulous operation by the customs officials led to the successful discovery and confiscation of the illicit foreign notes, thwarting an apparent attempt to smuggle a massive sum of money out of the country. The arrest of the three Tajik citizens underscores the severity of the matter and serves as a warning to potential smugglers and individuals involved in financial malpractices. Notably, Officials are now conducting a comprehensive investigation into the matter to determine the exact purpose behind the smuggling attempt and whether the individuals were part of a larger network.