Supreme Court Strict on Unlicensed Weapons Issue 

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Trend of Unlicensed Weapons in UP is disturbing: SC

Supreme Court of India

New Delhi: The Supreme Court is very serious about eliminating the practice of unlicensed arms in Uttar Pradesh and other states of the country. The SC has also made strong comments about these weapons and apart from UP, other states including Bihar, Punjab, Haryana have also been named in this matter. Taking cognizance of the issue of possession and use of guns without license in Uttar Pradesh, the court has said that it is India and not America, where bearing arms is a fundamental right.

The Supreme Court said that the UP government should tell how many cases have been registered in this regard? What steps has the state government taken to ban unlicensed firearms? The court asked why there are so many incidents involving weapons in Uttar Pradesh.

Not only this, taking a strict stance on unlicensed weapons, the Supreme Court has also named Bihar, Punjab, Haryana and other states in this case. The Supreme Court has appointed senior advocate S Nagamuthu as amicus curiae in this case. The next hearing of this matter will be held on Monday.