Only Dwarf People lives in this Unique Village, Read Here

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Only 70 people live in this village who are all dwarfs

Amar village in Assam

GUWAHATI: Dwarf people are found in many places across the world but have you ever heard of a village that is only for dwarfs. In a revelation, the name of a village has come to the fore where only dwarf lives. This village exists in India. We are talking about the Amar village in Assam. Only 70 people live in this village who are all dwarfs. This village is also known as the village of dwarfs. All the people here love and respect each other very much. This village is just three-four kilometers before the border of Bhutan.

Reportedly, It is being said that in the year 2011, artist Pabitra Rabha of the National School of Drama settled this village. No one here is taller than three and a half feet. These dwarfs have come to live in this village by their own will and someone's family has left them here but all the people who live here are very happy and they have no complaints about their life or existence.