Rahul Gandhi Writes to Lok Sabha Speaker, Seeks time to speak in the House

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Rahul Gandhi said that false allegations have been made against him.

Rahul Gandhi

NEW-DELHI: The ruling BJP is demanding an apology from Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his recent statement regarding Indian democracy in Britain. Meanwhile, the former Congress president has once again written a letter to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and has sought time to speak in the House.

Rahul Gandhi has asked the Lok Sabha Speaker for permission to speak in the House citing the rules. Rahul Gandhi said that false allegations have been made against him.

Notably, uproar has been going on for 7 days in the Lok Sabha over demand of an apology from Rahul Gandhi. On the other hand, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge said that Rahul Gandhi is not a member of the House (Rajya Sabha). There is no question of apologizing.

About Rahul Gandhi's Speech in Britain.....

It is worth mentioning here that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi delivered a lecture at Cambridge University in Britain. During the speech, he has accused the central government-led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The video of the university lecture has been released by senior Congress leader Sam Pitroda on his YouTube channel. In this video 'Rahul Gandhi talks on many issues like Bharat Jodo Yatra, Indian Democracy, Media, Judiciary'. Rahul Gandhi gave his opinion regarding the praise and criticism of the policies of the Modi government.

Rahul Gandhi said, "Perhaps giving gas cylinders to women and opening people's bank accounts is a good step. Such a step cannot be called wrong. But I think Modi is destroying the fabric of India. They are imposing such an idea on India, which India cannot accept”.

Rahul said, “India is a union of states. There is religious diversity in India. Sikhs, Muslims, Christians are all in India, but Modi treats them as second class citizens. I do not agree with this. When your opposition is so fundamental, it does not matter which two, three policies you agree with”.

Rahul said this in response to a question in which he was asked, "Can you tell about the good policies of Narendra Modi which are in the interest of India?"

Rahul Gandhi delivered a lecture on the topic 'Learning to Listening' to the students at Cambridge University. He said, "The media and the judiciary are under control. I have Pegasus on my phone. Many politicians also have Pegasus in their phones. Several intelligence officers told me to be careful while talking on the phone as my phone was being recorded. Several criminal cases have been registered against me, which cannot be classified as crimes."

He added, "We traveled in pairs from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. A large number of people participated in the yatra. During this journey, I understood that the place near me should be safe so that those who join the journey feel safe. When I reached Kashmir the security guard came and said - You cannot travel in Kashmir as you can be attacked with hand grenades. Then we talked among ourselves and started our journey to Kashmir. We saw thousands of people participating in the yatra carrying the tricolor. Then an interesting thing happened. A man came to us. He pointed to some boys and told that they were fanatics. Those shaved heads turned to me, I looked at them. But he could not do anything. This is the power of listening to people and non-violence."