Unsung Heroes of Chandrayaan-3 Mission Struggle: Technician Forced to Sell Idlis for Livelihood

Rozana Spokesman  | Amanat Thaper

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Neglected Contributions Despite India's Moon Landing Triumph

Deepak Kumar Uparia

RANCHI: The Recent historic achievement of Chandrayaan-3's soft landing on the Moon's South Pole marked India as the first country to accomplish this feat. While the success was celebrated across the nation, spotlighting the scientists at ISRO, there remains a group of unsung heroes whose contributions were vital to the mission's success yet have been overlooked, grappling with financial hardships.

Among these overlooked individuals is Deepak Kumar Uparia, a dedicated technician from Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited. The company played a crucial role in constructing the launchpad for Chandrayaan-3, with Deepak being a key part of this endeavor. However, despite his invaluable contribution, Deepak finds himself in a dire situation, resorting to selling idlis to make ends meet for his family.

Reports indicate that Deepak has set up a stall in front of the old Vidhan Sabha in Uparia, Dhurwa area of Ranchi, where he sells idlis to sustain himself and his family. The unfortunate circumstance arose due to the non-payment of Deepak's salary for a staggering 18 months by the Government of India company (CPSU) responsible for manufacturing crucial components for Chandrayaan-3.

Notably, While the nation lauds the success of Chandrayaan-3 and the strides made in space exploration, this revelation brings to light the plight of those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, only to be left struggling to make ends meet. The story of Deepak Kumar Uparia underscores the need for acknowledgment and support for all the individuals who contributed to India's space endeavors.