Government Issues Warning to Social Media Giants: Deepfake Videos Under Scrutiny

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Union IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw Takes a Stand Against Deepfake Menace

Deepfake Videos Latest News

Deepfake Videos Latest News: In a decisive move, Union Information Technology (IT) Minister Ashwini Ashwini Vaishnaw has issued a stern warning to social media platforms regarding the alarming rise of deepfake videos. Vaishnaw asserted that the government will engage in discussions with these platforms and, if necessary measures are not promptly implemented, they risk losing the protection afforded by the 'safe harbor' exemption clause under the IT Act.

Deepfake - The Digital Manipulation Challenge

Deepfake videos, created through machine learning and artificial intelligence, manipulate a person's face or body digitally, presenting a significant challenge due to their deceptive nature. Addressing reporters, Vaishnaw disclosed that the government had recently issued notices to companies on the deepfake issue, with responses received from the forums. However, he emphasized the need for a more robust response from these companies in combatting such misleading content.

Government Calls for Proactive Measures

While acknowledging that some steps have been taken by the platforms, Vaishnaw expressed the government's belief that more decisive action is required. In an upcoming meeting with social media forums, the government plans to discuss strategies to curb the proliferation of deepfake content and ensure the platforms take necessary actions to cleanse their systems.

"We will invite them to brainstorm on this and make sure that the forums do enough to stop this and clean up their systems," stated Vaishnaw, addressing reporters. When questioned about the participation of major platforms like Meta and Google, the minister confirmed their invitation, signaling a comprehensive approach to address the issue at a larger scale.

Prime Minister Modi's Concern and Public Awareness

The government's concern over deepfake videos echoes the sentiments expressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who, on Friday, highlighted the potential crisis and social discontent that could arise from the misuse of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in creating deepfakes. Prime Minister Modi urged the media to raise awareness about the malicious use of deepfake technology and its potential consequences.

In recent times, the virality of deepfake videos targeting prominent actors has sparked public outrage, prompting the government to take decisive action. As the government prepares to engage with social media forums, the onus is on these platforms to adopt stringent measures to combat the rising tide of deceptive digital manipulations. The warning issued by the government signals a proactive stance in safeguarding the public from the potential harm posed by deepfake videos.

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