Violence Erupted Again after 2 weeks of peace in Manipur, 3 People Died

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The Authorities are Investigating the Matter 

Manipur Violence

IMPHAL: After a brief respite of peace, Manipur is once again rocked by the distressing specter of violence. The tranquility of Thowai Kuki village, situated near Litan in Ukhrul, was shattered as gunfire erupted at approximately 5:30 am on a somber Friday morning. The aftermath of the tragic incident revealed the lifeless bodies of three individuals, further darkening the clouds of turmoil hanging over the region. Among the fallen were Jamkhogin (26), Thangkhokai (35), and Helenson (24), who tragically lost their lives in the attack attributed to the Matei community, as conveyed by a spokesperson from the Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum representing the Kuki community.

Notably, the lifeless bodies of Jamkhogin, Thangkhokai, and Helenson bore evidence of brutal assaults characterized by markings inflicted by a sharp-edged knife. This resurgence of violence arrives only two weeks after a peaceful environment had settled over the region. 

A turbulent confrontation between the Kuki and Matei communities in Manipur initially ignited on May 3, persisting through the ensuing weeks. Regrettably, the ongoing conflict has already exacted a toll of around 160 lives. As authorities grapple with the continuing unrest, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has embarked on a comprehensive response. A roster of 53 officials, including 29 women, has been assembled by the CBI to delve into the complex web of cases connected to the Manipur violence.