Residing in Live-In Relationship does not Contravene Any Legal Provision: HC 

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High Court Orders Security for Same-Sex Couple

Punjab-Haryana High Court

CHANDIGARH: In a significant verdict, the Punjab-Haryana High Court has clarified that residing in a live-in relationship does not contravene any legal provisions, thereby extending the recognition and protection of consensual relationships. The court's assertion came in response to a plea submitted by a same-sex couple, who sought safeguarding due to potential threats to their relationship. The High Court's ruling underscores the constitutional safeguard of Article 21, which guarantees the right to life and liberty for every citizen, unless legally deprived. Consequently, the court directed the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) in Jalandhar to provide security personnel to the petitioners.

The Petition was filed by two young women from Jalandhar, who appealed to the Punjab-Haryana High Court for protection against perceived threats to their lives. The couple contended that their consensual relationship put them at risk and sought intervention to ensure their safety. Affirming their deep affection for each other, the petitioners revealed that they had been in a consensual relationship for the past four years. Acknowledging their status as adults above the age of 18, the High Court upheld the fundamental principle that love, attraction, and affection know no boundaries, including gender.

The High Court's verdict emphasized that the love and commitment demonstrated by the couple in their live-in relationship do not appear to infringe upon any legal provisions. Furthermore, the court highlighted that individuals possess the inherent right to lead their lives in a manner that aligns with their choices, as long as these choices do not breach established laws.

Recognizing the alleged threats to the lives of the petitioners, the High Court deemed such risks potentially irreparable. To ensure their safety, the court directed the SSP of Jalandhar to assign two women security personnel to protect the petitioners for a two-week period. Following this initial period, a regular review of their security status will determine the subsequent course of action.