Govt Declares 'Dry Day' in Delhi; Liquor Shops to Remain Closed on THIS day

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The Delhi government orders the closure of liquor shops on Chhath Puja

Dry Day on Chhath Puja News

Dry Day on Chhath Puja News: In an effort to honor the cultural and religious sentiments associated with Chhath Puja, the Delhi government has declared Chhath, falling on Sunday, a 'dry day.' The Excise department issued an official order on Thursday, mandating the closure of all liquor vends throughout the city as part of the observance of Surya Shashti, the day dedicated to Chhath Puja.

Chhath Puja, a significant festival for the residents of Purvanchal, encompassing Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, holds immense cultural importance. With a considerable population from these regions settled in Delhi, the city government has taken proactive measures to ensure a conducive environment for the worship of the Sun god.

Delhi's administration has meticulously arranged more than 900 ghats to facilitate worshippers in their observance of Chhath Puja. These ghats serve as sacred spaces for devotees to perform rituals and express their reverence to the Sun god during the auspicious festival.

The decision to declare Chhath a 'dry day' aligns with the government's commitment to fostering an atmosphere of cultural inclusivity and respect for diverse religious practices. By temporarily closing liquor shops on this occasion, the authorities aim to create an environment that upholds the sanctity of the festival for the communities celebrating Chhath in the national capital.

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