Tragic Head-On Collision in Gujarat, Four Including Three Women Lost Lives 

Rozana Spokesman

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A One-year-old child emerged unscathed from the harrowing incident


AHMEDABAD: A horrifying collision between two vehicles shook the Bharuch district of Gujarat on a fateful Wednesday afternoon. The devastating accident resulted in the untimely demise of four individuals at the scene. Among the victims were three women and one man, tragically leaving family and friends in mourning. In an incredible stroke of fortune, a one-year-old child emerged unscathed from the harrowing incident.

According to preliminary reports, the collision occurred in the vicinity of Alva village. The vehicles involved in the tragic mishap were a Hyundai Venue and a Verna car, both propelled at high speeds. The sheer force of the impact rendered the front portions of both cars completely demolished, with the wreckage subsequently coming to rest in a nearby field.

One of the ill-fated vehicles, a Hyundai Venue bearing the registration number GJ 16 DG 8381 and owned by Hirendra Singh of Bharuch, collided head-on with the other vehicle, a Hyundai Verna with the registration number GJ 06 FQ 7311. The latter car was registered under the name of Ikrambhai, a local trader dealing in ready-made garments.

Tragedy struck as the collision claimed the lives of three women and one man instantaneously. The precise sequence of events leading up to the accident is under investigation by the authorities, who have registered a case pertaining to the incident. The bodies of the deceased have been transported for post-mortem examinations to ascertain the exact cause of death.