Rahul Gandhi Attributes Parliament Security Breach to Unemployment and Inflation Issues

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Former Congress President Addresses Press on Security Breach, Citing Socioeconomic Concerns as Root Cause

Rahul Gandhi News

Rahul Gandhi News: In response to the recent security lapse in Parliament, Rahul Gandhi, former president of the Indian National Congress, asserted that the incident underscored a breakdown in security but pointed to the deeper-rooted issues of unemployment and inflation plaguing the nation. Speaking to reporters, Gandhi elaborated on his perspective.

Acknowledging the breach in security, Rahul Gandhi emphasized that the incident raised critical questions about the prevailing socioeconomic challenges. He stated, "There has been a lapse in security, but why did it happen? The biggest issue is the issue of unemployment, over which the whole country is boiling."

Gandhi went on to allege that the youth of India faced a scarcity of job opportunities due to what he claimed were the policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "There has certainly been a lapse in security, but the reasons behind it are unemployment and inflation," he affirmed.

The security breach occurred on the anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attack on Parliament when two individuals leaped from the audience gallery into the House during Lok Sabha proceedings, releasing yellow smoke. The intruders were swiftly apprehended. Additionally, two individuals, identified as Neelam from Haryana and Amol Shinde from Maharashtra, were arrested outside the Parliament building for a similar demonstration with colored smoke.

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