Tragic Roof Collapse Claims Lives of Five Family Members in Uttar Pradesh

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UP CM Yogi Adityanath expressed his deep sorrow & condolences to the grieving families. 

Roof Collapse

LUCKNOW: A Devastating incident unfolded in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, on Saturday, as the roof of a house in Railway Colony, Alambagh, collapsed tragically, claiming the lives of five members of a single family. The victims were identified as Satish Chandra (40), Sarojini Devi (35), along with their children Harshit (13), Harshita (10), and Ansh (5). The local Deputy Commissioner of Police, Hardesh Kumar, reported that the collapse trapped the family members under the debris, and despite efforts to rescue them and transport them to the hospital, doctors declared them brought dead.

In response to the heart-wrenching incident, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath expressed his deep sorrow and condolences to the grieving families. He swiftly directed the district administration to prioritize the transfer of the injured to medical facilities for immediate and appropriate treatment. 

Notably, the Chief Minister also urged expedited relief efforts, underscoring the importance of swift action to aid the affected community. The tragic event has cast a pall over the Railway Colony in Lucknow, prompting a need for enhanced safety measures to prevent such incidents.