Center Warns Doctors at Govt Hospitals, Says- 'Prescribe Generic Medicines or face Action'

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Doctors are still prescribing branded medicines: Dr Atul Goyal

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NEW-DELHI: The Central Government has warned the doctors at Central Government hospitals and CGHM health centers to either prescribe generic medicines or be ready for action. The Center has said that action will be taken against those doctors who do not prescribe generic medicines.

Instructions have been given to reduce the movement of medical representatives in government hospitals. Director General of Health Services Dr. Atul Goyal has said that doctors in government hospitals are also asked to prescribe only generic medicines.

In an order issued on May 12, Dr Atul Goyal, director general of health services, said that "despite this, it has been observed that in some cases (including residents) doctors are still prescribing branded medicines." As per the orders, the heads of all institutions have been asked to ensure strict compliance of the doctors working under them. It has been said that action will be taken if the orders are not followed.