PM Modi Slams Opposition Alliance 'INDIA' as 'Arrogant' & Accuses Them of Cultural Destruction

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Prime Minister Launches Major Development Projects Worth Rs 50,800 Crore in Madhya Pradesh

PM Modi

BINA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during a public address after inaugurating various development projects valued at Rs 50,800 crore in Madhya Pradesh, criticized the opposition alliance known as the Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance (India). In a sharp rebuke, he labeled the alliance as "arrogant" and accused its leaders of attempting to undermine India's traditional customs and culture while dividing the nation and society.

PM Modi stated, "There are certain parties that seek to sow division in our nation and society. Together, they have forged an alliance that some refer to as the 'arrogant' alliance." He went on to target the opposition leaders, noting their indecisiveness in leadership and contrasting it with their clear policy and strategy, which they purportedly decided during a concealed meeting held in Mumbai.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister emphasized that the success of the G-20 initiative should be credited to the collective strength of the people of India rather than being solely attributed to him. He conveyed his admiration for India's rich heritage and prosperity, expressing his concern that the "arrogant" alliance's policies aim to assault India's culture and faith.

"This 'India' alliance intends to assault the faith of Indians and dismantle the values that have bound India for millennia," PM Modi declared. He added, "Their resolution is to obliterate the age-old traditions and values that Mahatma Gandhi cherished throughout his life. They want to extinguish the very essence of our culture."

Recent controversial statements by DMK leaders, including Udhayanidhi Stalin comparing Sanatan Dharma to diseases and A Raja likening it to leprosy, have sparked a backlash from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). PM Modi alluded to these remarks, suggesting that opposition leaders are openly speaking against Sanatan Dharma, and he anticipated increased attacks on these traditional beliefs in the days ahead.

The Prime Minister called upon every Indian who cherishes their culture and values to remain vigilant, saying, "The people of India must unite to thwart the plans of those who seek to destroy Sanatan and enslave our country for centuries. Together, we can counter such forces with our unity."

In a swipe at the Congress, PM Modi emphasized the importance of transparent governance and the need to combat corruption for the development of any nation or state. He criticized the previous administrations that ruled Madhya Pradesh for an extended period after independence, accusing them of fostering corruption and crime.

Multiple Development Projects Inaugurated.....

Significantly, PM Modi's visit to Madhya Pradesh included the inauguration of several significant projects, including a petrochemical complex at the Bina Refinery of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) valued at Rs 49,000 crore, as well as 10 new industrial projects across the state worth Rs 1,800 crore. These initiatives are expected to provide a substantial boost to the development of Madhya Pradesh. The central government has allocated more than Rs 50,000 crore for the implementation of these projects, reflecting its commitment to the state's growth and prosperity.