Mumbai High Court Advocates Equal Household Responsibilities for Spouses

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Court Rejects Divorce Plea, Stresses the Importance of Shared Domestic Duties

Mumbai High Court

MUMBAI: The Mumbai High Court recently emphasized that in contemporary society, household responsibilities should be shared equally between husbands and wives. The pronouncement came from a division bench comprising Justice Nitin Sambre and Justice Sharmila Deshmukh on September 6, during the dismissal of a 35-year-old man's divorce plea. The individual had contested a family court's decision from March 2018, which had rejected his divorce petition.

The Petitioner, married in 2010, argued that his wife consistently engaged in conversations with her mother over the phone and neglected household chores. Allegedly, he claimed that upon returning from work, he was burdened with all domestic responsibilities. The wife countered, stating that she was subjected to abuse when she communicated her struggles to her family. Additionally, she revealed instances of physical abuse inflicted by her husband.

In its order, the bench rebuffed the notion that household duties should disproportionately fall upon the wife, especially in an era where both partners often pursue careers. The court highlighted the need for a shift in mentality, emphasizing that domestic responsibilities should be shared without any gender bias.

Notably, the court stressed that maintaining a relationship with one's parents should not be perceived as causing mental distress to the other party in a marriage. The verdict emphasized the importance of understanding and respecting the multifaceted roles each spouse should play within a marital relationship, promoting a more equitable and compassionate approach in managing household responsibilities.