Parliament Security Breach: What Was The Objective? Here's What Accused Told Cops

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Security agencies have been trying to find out if their steps were instructed by someone else or by any organisation. 

Parliament Lok Sabha Security Breach

Parliament Lok Sabha Security Breach News: The Delhi police on Thursday revealed that the Parliament's security breach, which took place during the winter session on Wednesday, was well-coordinated and planned by six people for over months. In the meanwhile, five of six accused have been taken in police custody. During the initial investigation, it was revealed that the accused had told police that the breach was aimed at drawing the government's attention to a lot of issues.

Several reports quoted sources claiming that the five accused have told police that they were upset with various issues, including unemployment, farmers' issues and Manipur violence. They also revealed that they used the colour smoke to draw attention so that the issues come to light, resulting in lawmakers discussing these issues.

An official revealed that the accused had the same ideology and that they decided to give a message to the government. Meanwhile, the security agencies have been trying to find out if their steps were instructed by someone else or by any organisation. 

It is pertinent to mention that Sagar Sharma jumped out of the visitor's gallery into the Lok Sabha chamber on Wednesday afternoon, during the Zero Hour session. After this, he popped a yellow smoke canister and even jumped from desk to desk in an attempt to reach the Lok Sabha Speaker's Chair.

However, he was later overpowered and captured by MPs, who even thrashed him. While Sagar was making scenes inside the chamber, his accomplice - Manoranjan - was in the gallery and also opened a smoke canister, to allegedly distract attention.

On the other hand, two other protesters were releasing coloured smoke from an aerosol canister on a road outside the Parliament of India.

One of the protesters, while being taken away by the police personnel, told the reporters that they do not belong to any organisation and that they are students who are also unemployed. The protesters also revealed that their parents worked as labourers, and farmers, and some were even small shopkeepers. It was also stated that an attempt was being made to suppress their voices.

Following the security breach in Parliament's Lok Sabha, the area was turned into a fortress with heavy deployment of police and paramilitary personnel. Likewise, Delhi Police's Special Cell has been investigating the matter thoroughly.

Parliament Security Breach News: Who jumped into Lok Sabha chambers? Here's all you need to know