Lookout Notice Should Only be Issued in Special Cases - High Court

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Harsh & Cruel to stop someone from flying without assigning any reason: HC

High Court

KOLKATA: The High Court has said in an important order that lookout notice can be issued only in special cases. Justice Moushumi Bhattacharya said that lookout notices cannot be issued hastily in minor cases. Lookout notices should be issued only in cases where there is a plausible reason that the accused is likely to flee the country and not in cases like non-payment of bank dues.

It is worth mentioning here that the High Court has given this order while hearing a petition filed by a couple from Kolkata. The CBI has issued a lookout notice against the couple regarding the bank balance.

The court said that it is harsh and cruel to stop someone from flying without assigning any reason. The couple had filed a petition in the High Court saying that they had taken a loan from a consortium of 11 banks for the business, eight of which have cleared and the rest are in the process of repayment. A lookout notice was issued against them on the application of Indian Overseas Bank. The CBI is investigating the matter.