'Only Solution to Unemployment is Skill Development': MP Vikramjit Sahney

Rozana Spokesman

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MP delivered a keynote address at the B20 Summit on "Skills and the Future of Jobs".

B20 Summit

NEW DELHI: Skill development is the only solution to address unemployment globally, where the job gap is 473 million. Speaking at the B-20 Summit in New Delhi on March 13, Rajya Sabha Member Vikramjit Sahney said that emphasis should be given to rural areas, where the need for skills is high. He said that the world is changing with technology, globalization and digitization. Skill development should be accordingly. Skill mapping across geographies needs time and should be aligned with industries. Jobs in G20 countries including India should have a "campus to corporate" objective.

The MP added, "Our future depends on building a resilient skilled workforce. Sahney emphasized on skill development in rural areas to generate gainful employment for youth in villages." He also highlighted the importance of upskilling the largely untrained skilled workforce for the industry. He further said that women need proper participation in skill ecosystem and participation of students at school level is very important for vocational education.