Husband's Love Affair Ruined a Happy Family in Gujarat

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Police have registered two cases in the matter & started investigation

Husband's Love Affairs Ruined a Happy Family in Gujarat

NAVSARI: A Couple killed their two daughters and committed suicide in Ravaniya village of Navsari district in Gujarat on Sunday night (March 12). As per the media reports, the cause of the murder and suicide is said to be husband's love affair. The police have registered two cases in this matter and started the investigation. A wave of mourning engulfed the entire village after the death of four members of the same family.

Police sources said that 39-year-old Chunilal Gavit, a resident of Ravaniya village in Vansda taluka, was married to Tanujaben 9 years ago. The couple had two daughters, one 7-years-old and the younger one was only 4-months-old. Chunilal worked at Unibase Company in Daman. He fell in love with a girl colleague and wanted to marry her. Chunilal also discussed this with his wife and father. Three days ago, he also brought his girlfriend home. Meanwhile, this brought up fierce quarrel between husband and wife. 

On Sunday night, in a extreme fight between husband and wife, both of them killed their 7-year-old daughter Kashish and 4-month-old daughter Ghitya by slitting their throats late at night. After this, the couple hunged themselves in the house. The bodies of all were recovered the next morning. The police have registered two cases on the complaint of Chunilal's father. Further investigation in the matter is underway.