Security Breach Unfolds in Lok Sabha as Intruders Invade House, Release Smoke

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Chaos Erupts as Unidentified Individuals Jump Barricades, Prompting Immediate Adjournment

Security Breach in Lok Sabha Latest News

Security Breach in Lok Sabha Latest News: In a startling turn of events on Wednesday, December 13, the Lok Sabha witnessed a major security breach as intruders breached the premises, jumping into the House from the visitors' gallery during the ongoing Winter Session. The incident unfolded while proceedings were underway, prompting a swift response from security personnel.

Reports indicate that two protesters were present outside the House, engaging in sloganeering. The accused individuals, responsible for the breach, have been promptly arrested, ensuring a rapid response to the security lapse.

Sansad TV visuals captured the unsettling scene, showing a man in a blue jacket leaping over benches within the Lok Sabha chamber. Rajendra Agrawal, presiding over the session, immediately adjourned proceedings in an effort to restore order and address the unfolding situation.

This alarming incident coincides with the anniversary of the 2001 Parliament attack, adding an extra layer of concern to the security lapse. Yellow smoke, as seen in pictures shared by DMK MP Dr Senthilkumar, filled the House, raising questions about potential hazards posed by the intrusion.

Delhi Police identified the arrested protesters as Neelam (42) from Hisaar and Amol Shinde (25) from Latur, Maharashtra. While an official statement from the Parliament is awaited, MPs expressed shock and concern over the breach. 

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