Parliament Security Breach News: Who jumped into Lok Sabha chambers? Here's all you need to know

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Who did it? Is there Gurpatwant Singh Pannu's connection to it? 

Parliament Lok Sabha Security Breach

Parliament Lok Sabha Security Breach News: Who did it? Who jumped into Lok Sabha chambers? Who was behind this security breach? There are a lot of questions being raised on the recent security breach in the temple of democracy. The security breach took place on the day when the unfortunate incident of the 2001 Parliament Attack took place. Is it a coincidence or a planned move? Does it have some connection with separatist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu's threat that he issued against India? Again big questions. 

Before we move further, let's talk more about what happened today. Two people, carrying canisters, jumped into the Lok Sabha chambers, after which all the parliamentarians escaped. The Speaker was panicked and announced the adjournment of the House immediately. The two people have been identified as Manoranjan and Sagar. They were issued passes by the office of BJP leader Pratap Simha.

Parliament Lok Sabha Security Breach News: As and when it happened! 

During the live proceedings of the Lok Sabha, one person was seen leaping on the benches while the other was dangling on the visitor gallery and started spraying smoke. Both of them had gas canisters in their hands. The lower house was filled with yellow smoke, as seen in the visuals surfacing on social media. However, the two of them were overpowered by the Lok Sabha members.

In the meanwhile, the Congress MP from Punjab, Gurjeet Singh Aujla, was one of the leaders who caught hold of the two men. He said, "He had something in his hand which was emitting yellow-colored smoke and I took it away. This is a major security breach." The MPs present in the chamber initially thought that somebody had fallen from the visitors' gallery. 

As of now, the investigation has been handed over to the anti-terror unit special cell of the Delhi Police. Both of them are being questioned by the police officials. 

Two other people staged a protest outside the Parliament

On the other hand, two other people - a man and a woman - were detained for protesting outside the Parliament. They were reportedly carrying cans that emitted a yellowish smoke. They were identified as Neelam (42) and Amol Shinde (25), who were detained in front of Transport Bhawan. 

Who did it? Is there Gurpatwant Singh Pannu's connection to it? 

There are so many questions being unfolded following the incident of security breach that took place at the Indian Parliament. Who did it? Still unknown. About Gurpatwant Singh Pannu's connection to it? Well, a few days ago the separatist Pannu had issued a warning against India and threatened to attack the Indian Parliament "on or before December 13." However, no connection has yet been found between the security breach incident and Pannun's threat, as of now. 

Security Breach Unfolds in Lok Sabha as Intruders Invade House, Release Smoke